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The California Career Center. Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action!

Middle School to High School Transition Strategies

  • Get to know the people and places on your high school campus.

  • Read everything you can from the high school including school newsletters and handbooks.

  • Organize your days with a planner and keep a calendar that schedules time for homework, extracurricular activities, and fun, too!

  • Get involved in student government, sports, clubs, and/or community organizations.

  • Check out bulletin boards in your classrooms, on campus, and in the guidance office.

  • Really listen to school announcements, classroom and assembly presentations, and attend college and career workshops.

  • Make a four-year high school plan for yourself with the assistance of a parent/guardian and your school counselor.

  • Talk with your teachers, counselor, or other staff when you have questions or problems.