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Matching Your Skills and Interests

Use the following to track discoveries you make by using California Career Zone website.

Once you’re at the site Register for an Account then select “explore” and complete the self-assessments.

As you go through your assessments, write down things you learned about yourself to use as you continue building your career plan.


Quick Assessment: What are your top three interest areas?




Interest Profiler: What are your top three interest areas?




Work Importance Profiler: What top three work values did you discover?




Skills Profiler: What top three skills do you possess?




Matching your interests and skills to occupations. The summary report in your account will show you occupations that match your results for the Interest Profiler, Work Importance Profiler, and Skills Profiler. List the top three occupations that look interesting to you for further exploration.




To explore these jobs and others go to My Career Center’s Exploring Jobs That Interest You.