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Budget Calculators

These free online budget calculators can help you learn how much you need to earn to cover the basic living expenses in California.

Before using the calculators, build your own personalized budget using the California CareerZone's Make Money Choices. Then, use your personalized budget to compare with the typical expenses and earnings shown in the calculators.

Living Wage Calculator
Living costs vary a lot from one place to another. The Living Wage Calculator estimates the cost of living in counties and metropolitan areas based on the typical expenses in that area. Expenses like:

Child Care
Civic (things like dues, conferences, etc.)
Other (things like gym dues, health insurance, etc.)

Required annual income before taxes
Annual Taxes
Required annual income after taxes

The Living Wage Calculator was developed and is maintained by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Making Ends Meet
The California Budget Center's Making Ends Meet calculator shows how much it costs for a family in California to cover basic expenses. Budgets are available for all 58 California counties for individuals and families. Expenses like:

Housing and Utilities
Child Care
Health care