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California Career Center for Educators

We encourage you to have your students set up a “My Stuff” account the first time they visit the site so they can save their work and receive customized content.

At the end of each section is a web links page. This page pulls together all the resources used in the section. Additional relevant resources not used in the section are also included on the web links page.

Get the most out of the Career Center web portal by using the Lesson Plan Creator. With this tool you can easily develop lessons and student assignments based on the site’s content. Begin building your lessons by clicking on “Educators” in the top navigation bar, then click on "Lesson Plan Creator."

You can use the Career Center Quick Start activity to introduce students to the site. If you would like a more robust activity, check out the lesson plan, An Online Tool I Can Use.

The California Career Resource Network's Career and College Readiness Lesson Plans help educators use the Career Center and other California Career Resource Network resources to support student development of critical career and college readiness knowledge and skills. 

The College Planning Guide Parent Handbook and the Career Development Parent Handbook are provided in multiple languages and available for you to share as resources for parents and schools serving families when English is not the primary language spoken at home.

Career Center student content includes:

My Stuff is an account students set up to track their interests, save their High School Plan, Career Action Plan, and upload their documents.

Middle and High School section helps students plan their school years to ensure they have a path to the future they want to achieve.

Career Options is where students will create a Career Action Plan by identifying interests and abilities and seeing how these impact their goals and plans.

Getting a Job is information students need to be aware of when stepping into the world of work. This information walks students through their first part-time job during school or their life-long dream job.

Education and Training outlines the full range of post-high schools options.

Challenges are resources for students facing various difficulties from disabilities to homelessness.

Money Management is basic financial literacy information and some ideas about paying for training and college.

Videos show students’ talking about their job and college experiences.