Support Personnel Accountability Report Card

A school’s SPARC is the end result of a voluntary, continuous improvement process that provides Student Support Teams, with the support of their principal, an opportunity to publish a document that identifies key student outcomes achieved through collaborative work and to publicize a school's plans for continued success.

All grade levels—elementary, middle, high, and adult—will find the SPARC useful for:

  • demonstrating your commitment to preparing students for career and college
  • presenting a self-evaluation of your student support system
  • aligning your school counseling program to the National Standards and Model
  • preparing reports for school accreditation, grants, or awards recognition
  • promoting your program proactively to your school administration, school board, parents/guardians, community partners, and businesses
  • informing your state legislator on how you are aligning your school site work with state and national initiatives for career and college readiness (Visit Your Legislator to locate the legislator that represents your school.)

To create your school’s SPARC go to SPARC Online.