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Creating a Plan for High School and Beyond

Planning ahead for high school and beyond is critical. Check with the high school you plan on attending to determine their requirements for graduation and confirm any additional requirements related to the path you intend to follow after high school. Your school likely has a course planning document so be sure to check with your counselor or the office.

You can also use the Career Center Course Planning Worksheet [DOC] [PDF] to plan your coursework for middle and high school.

Create a My Stuff account to save your High School Plan and Career Action Plan; My Stuff is a great place to keep track of information you'll need to succeed in High School.

The California Program of Study [DOC] [PDF] worksheet can be used to create your own education plan beginning in the 7th grade then continuing through high school and beyond.

Use the College Planning Checklists to help you stay on track for college admission.