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Networking for Success

Begin your networking by identifying family and friends you can talk to about their jobs.

List five family members and what they do for a living:


List five friends and what they do for a living:


Schedule an informational interview with at least three of the people on your list. Ask them about their career path. Take notes.

  • Why did they choose their career?
  • What do they do in a typical day?
  • What education and/or training is required?
  • Where can you find more information about their career field?
  • What about future openings in the field?

You may also want to ask if it is possible to get a summer job or internship in their organization. If this opportunity is available, ask what you need to do to apply.

Shadow one or more of these people at their workplace for a day. You can do this during a holiday break or vacation. How did you like the work environment? Is this a career field which might match your talents and interests?