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Exploring Jobs that Interest You

Start Exploring

Begin your exploration by getting a reality check at CareerZone’s Make Money Choices. Make Money Choices is a quick and fun budget-building tool; you make lifestyle choices (where do you want to live, what kind of car do you want to drive, etc.) and the budget tool shows you how much money you need to have the lifestyle you want. Then your desired salary is matched with occupations that can help you achieve your lifestyle. When you get your results, record them here:



Continue your exploration by either looking at the occupations identified in your Make Money Choices results or go to CareerZone and click on "Explore" then click on either "Job Families" or "All Occupations.” You will find 900 jobs categorized into 23 job families. Look through the job families and identify occupations that look interesting to you.

Did you explore occupations identified in Make Money Choices? Note the three that looked most interesting to you.




Name the clusters you explored.




Name three occupations from those clusters that you want to learn more about.




Now take one of the occupations you are interested in and answer these questions:


Do this exercise for several occupations you are interested in and look at how different occupations take you down different life paths.

Diving in Deeper

To help you explore further to decide if those occupations are really for you, get more information about them from the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook Index. As you search the site, you’ll find important details about your choices and these details will help you decide if that job or occupation is really right for you. As you go through the job descriptions make special note of the Education and Training needed for occupations that interest you and the Job Outlook for those occupations. These factors are an important to keep in mind as you seek to create solid career and college plans. You can find similar information but fewer occupations by exploring What Do You Like from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and noting “How Do You Get Ready” and “How Many Jobs Are There?”