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It is important for you to know that each school district and county office of education must have an educational liaison person to help foster youth. Work with your educational liaison to make a good educational and career plan and check out the resources below for additional resources.

California College Pathways
The goal of the California College Pathways is to increase the number of foster youth in California who enter higher education and achieve an academic outcome by expanding access to campus support programs, such as the Guardian Scholars Program, the Renaissance Scholars Program and other successful approaches to supporting former foster youth on campus. Use checklists to be sure you’ve got all the items you need to succeed. Start with Foster Youth College [PDF] checklist.

California Foster Care Ombudsperson
Information to help foster youth succeed, a 24 hour a day help line and an avenue for foster children and youth to file complaints regarding their placement, care and services without fear of retribution from those who provide their care and services.

California State University Foster Youth Programs
The California State University (CSU), through collaborative efforts, provides a full range of services that support foster youth from their transition out of foster care or transfer from a community college to the CSU and through graduation. Learn more about the programs, financial aid, housing, support services and resources the CSU provides to emancipated youth and former and current foster youth.

Guardian Scholars Program, UC Davis
The Guardian Scholars Program is committed to improving the educational outcomes for foster youth and former foster youth by providing services and support to meet their needs through transition, graduation, and post-graduate planning. The University of California, Davis, is committed to serving the needs of former foster youth by providing support and services through the Guardian Scholars Program.

California Student Aid Commission
California Chafee Grant for Foster Youth provides up to $5,000 a year for career and technical training or college to qualifying students. You don't have to pay these monies back and you may be able to use them for out-of-state schools.

Foster Youth Education Rights
This information from the California Foster Youth Education Task Force summarizes the education rights of foster youth as described in California Education Code.