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Resources to Assist You with College Selection

There are many resources to assist with selecting the right college—it is important to get past any hype a college representative may be selling you. Important sources for you include:

College Nights

Once a year most high schools or college admissions organizations invite colleges and universities representatives to attend a College Night. It would be beneficial if your parents or guardians also attended this function.

Print Materials

Your high school career center, public library, or bookstore have many books available to assist you with college selections (for example, U.S. News and World Report’s America’s Best Colleges or the Fiske Guide to Colleges). Make sure the books you use are current.

Virtual Tours

Many colleges have established Internet sites highlighting their campus and will take you on virtual campus tours. In many cases, this can be the next best thing to personally visiting a campus.


Almost anything you want to know about college selection you can find on the internet, check out the Career Center's Education & Training Web Links page. 

Talk to College Alumni

Graduates of colleges of interest to you, particularly recent graduates, can be a great resource of information. 

Talk with Your School Counselor or Teachers

If you have a school counselor or teachers who have a good grasp of college opportunities, talk with them. Their advice is likely to be more relevant to you because they know something about you and your schoolwork. 

Visit Colleges

A visit to a college, while in session, during your junior or senior year can be an invaluable experience. It is probably the best way to find out what a college is really like. In order to maximize this experience, you may want to contact the admissions office in advance to schedule a tour. You will want to talk to students about their academic and social experiences at the college. Does the college feel like a match for you? What makes this college unique? Jot down your impressions at the end of your visit.