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Job Applications

In addition to the resume and cover letter, your job application is one of the first impressions your potential employer will have of you.

Make it a good one by following these tips:

  • Develop a “Master Application” so you are ready to fill in any application at a moments notice.

  • Read the entire application before filling in any sections.

  • Use information from your resume to complete the application.

  • For difficult questions, use a separate piece of paper to practice writing answers.

  • Most applications can be completed online, for a hard copy application use a pen with dark ink (preferably black) and print clearly.

  • Completely answer ALL questions. If questions do not apply, write N/A (not applicable) or draw a line in that space.

  • After you’re done, proofread the application, correcting spelling and grammar errors.

Having a Master Application with your personal, education, skills, and work experience information already filled in makes applying for jobs so much easier and faster. Check out this typical Job Application (PDF) to see what employers usually ask for.