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Finding Your First Job

You may want to get a job but aren’t sure where and how to begin. You can build your skills through your class work, participation in school and community activities, volunteer service, and part-time employment. If you get your first job in your chosen career area, it will help you discover whether or not that is the field for you. 

There are many resources to assist you in looking for and keeping part-time or full-time jobs. You’ll get better results if you widen your search by pursing a variety of approaches, including:

  • Networking with friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, employers, clergy
  • School Work Experience Office
  • School Career Center
  • Knocking on employers’ doors (for example, at malls or supermarkets)
  • Call potential employers
    • (get telephone numbers from company Web site, professional associations, or the Yellow Pages)
  • Employment Openings posted in some public libraries
  • Internet
  • Temporary Employment Agencies
  • Public Employment Agencies
  • Help Wanted Classified Ads
  • Volunteer Work