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Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) classes are designed to prepare you for occupations needed in your community and the state. They can help you explore career options and begin preparing you to pursue your career goals during high school.

You can explore opportunities in California's 15 Career Technical Education Industry Sectors and Pathways on the California CareerZone. Each industry sector has two or more pathways designed to help prepare you to enter occupations in specific industries.

Your school counselor can assist you with choosing Career Technical Education courses at your school. More than 11,000 Career Technical Education courses satisfy A–G requirements for California public university systems, Career Technical Education courses at your school may also meet your A–G requirements.

You can use the California Program of Study [DOC; PDF] to plan the high school courses you need to graduate, including your Career Technical Education courses.

Search your school district’s website to find Career Technical Education sectors and pathways. Start with the search terms Career Technical Education, CTE, or pathway. 

You can go to the California School Directory to find your district's website.