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Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) programs help you develop the technical and employability skills needed to succeed in the world of work.

In addition to engaging coursework, CTE can give you real world experience through job shadowing and internships. You may even be able to earn nationally recognized industry certifications that can give you a boost toward a good paying job after high school.

High schools provide quality CTE through career pathways. A career pathway is a distinct set of course sequences that take you through three phases of technical learning: introductory, intermediate, and advanced.

With CTE, you are able to apply your knowledge within a set of related career options and, at the same time, explore your career interests with the California CareerZone. California Career Pathways are available in fifteen California Industry Sectors including:

  1. Agriculture & Natural Resources (PDF)
  2. Arts, Media, & Entertainment (PDF)
  3. Building & Construction Trades (PDF) 
  4. Business & Finance (PDF)
  5. Education, Child Care & Family Services (PDF)
  6. Energy, Environment & Utilities (PDF)
  7. Engineering & Architecture (PDF)
  8. Fashion & Interior Design (PDF)
  9. Health Science & Medical Technology (PDF)
  10. Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation (PDF)
  11. Information & Communication Technology (PDF)
  12. Manufacturing & Product Design (PDF)
  13. Marketing, Sales & Service (PDF)
  14. Public Services (PDF)
  15. Transportation (PDF)

Worried about getting ready for college and meeting your A–G graduation requirements? Good News! More than 11,000 CTE classes meet A–G requirements. If you’re going to take college classes, your CTE classes may give you an advantage because you’ll already have hands-on experience with the course content.

See a school counselor to get into a CTE program at your school. Or get started now by finding programs offered in your district. Go to your district’s website and use search terms like Career Technical Education, CTE, industry sectors, and/or pathways. (You can find your district’s website using the California School Directory.)